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Pusa Basmati Rice Exporter

Pusa Basmati Rice

We are Exporting Pusa basmati Rice since 2014. This Rice has proves its Quality that can meet other rice exporting varities. Pusa Basmati rice, a revered variety of Basmati rice, hails from the fertile plains of India and is named after the Pusa Institute, where it was first developed. This long-grain rice is celebrated for its exceptional quality and unique aromatic properties that have earned it a special place in culinary traditions worldwide. The rice has a delightful, mild flavor that perfectly complements a wide range of cuisines.  Pusa Basmati rice is known for its long and slender grains, which become even more elongated upon cooking. These grains are the hallmark of this premium rice variety. Its taste enhances various dishes, particularly traditional Indian recipes like biryanis and pulao. The global demand for Pusa Basmati rice has been on the rise due to its exceptional qualities.

Basmati Rice Varieties For Export

Pusa BAsmati Rice Exporter

Pusa Raw Basmati Rice

– Raw Pusa Basmati rice refers to the unprocessed, uncooked rice variety. It retains its natural appearance, with the husk still intact.

– This type of Basmati rice is ideal for those who prefer to process and cook the rice themselves. It can be used in various dishes, from traditional Indian recipes to international cuisines.

Pusa Sella Basmati Rice (Parboiled Rice)

– Pusa Sella Basmati rice is parboiled rice, which means the grains are partially precooked in the husk before milling. The rice is soaked, steamed, and dried before dehusking.

 – Parboiling helps retain more nutrients in the rice, making it a healthier option. The grains are firmer and separate after cooking, making it suitable for dishes like biryanis.

Pusa Steamed Basmati Rice

– Pusa Steamed Basmati rice is processed by steaming the rice grains until they are fully cooked. After steaming, the rice is dried and milled to remove the husk.

– Steaming helps maintain the rice’s natural aroma and taste while creating a softer and fluffier texture, making it suitable for a variety of dishes.

Pusa Golden Sela Basmati Rice

– Golden Sela Basmati rice is another parboiled variety with a distinct processing method. The rice is soaked, steamed, and dried before milling, but it retains a golden color.

– This rice type combines the benefits of parboiling, including increased nutrition and firmer grains, with the attractive golden appearance.

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Global demand for Pusa Basmati Rice

In the context of exports, these Basmati rice varieties cater to diverse international preferences and culinary traditions, contributing to the increased global demand for high-quality Basmati rice. Being Exporter we have recognized the appeal of these varieties and are meeting the rising demand from consumers and chefs around the world who seek the unique qualities of Basmati rice.

PusaRaw Pusa Basmati Rice:

– Export Potential: Raw Pusa Basmati rice holds significant export potential as it allows destination countries to process and package it according to their preferences. This flexibility in processing makes it an attractive choice for export markets.

– Global Demand: The demand for Raw Pusa Basmati rice is on the rise globally, as it appeals to a broad spectrum of consumers who appreciate the authentic flavor and texture of Basmati rice in traditional and fusion cuisines.


Pusa Sella Basmati Rice (Parboiled):

– Export Potential: Pusa Sella Basmati rice, with its parboiled attributes, is in high demand in export markets. Its ability to retain essential nutrients and firm grains makes it a sought-after choice for international buyers looking for healthy and long-grain rice.

– Global Demand: The global demand for Pusa Sella Basmati rice is substantial, particularly in regions where parboiled rice is preferred for dishes like biryanis and pulaos. Its nutritional value and culinary versatility make it popular among health-conscious and gourmet-focused consumers.


Pusa Steamed Basmati Rice:

– Export Potential: Pusa Steamed Basmati rice’s soft and fluffy texture makes it a favored choice for export, especially to countries where this rice type is used in various dishes, such as sushi and risotto.

– Global Demand: The international demand for Pusa Steamed Basmati rice is on the rise due to its appealing texture and its suitability for a broad range of global recipes. It is particularly sought after in countries with a diverse culinary landscape.


Pusa Golden Sela Basmati Rice:

– Export Potential: Golden Sela Basmati rice combines the attributes of parboiled rice with an appealing golden appearance. This visual appeal enhances its export potential, making it an eye-catching choice for international markets

   – Global Demand: The demand for Golden Sela Basmati rice is growing globally, driven by its nutritional benefits and its use in visually striking culinary presentations. It is becoming a preferred choice in the global rice trade.

Specification of 1401 Basmati Rice

Variety 1401 Basmati Rice
Origin India
Grade Premium Quality
Avg Lenght 7.6 mm
Moisture Content 12 -13%
Broken Grains 2-3%
Damage/Discolor 0.5%
Foreign Matter 0.10%
Polishing Grade Double/Silky Polish

Packing Type:

– Jute bag, PP bag, Non-woven bag or as per buyer’s demand

Supply Ability:

– 5000+ TONS Monthly

Basmati Rice Main Markets:

– Europe, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Turkey

Delivery Time:

– 15 Days

Verified by

Approved by Dubai Chamber of Commerce
FDA Approved
ISO 22000:2005
HACCP certified
Approved by Halal Certification Services

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